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REVOOBIT SDN BHD a.k.a Revoobit International is SOMETHING NEW! Fresh from ‘OVEN’ to the markets. Here, you can build your business brand and have plenty of networking channels. The best thing is that our company will assist every members to understand and master the BIG PLAN. Our Education System is proven to be the EASIEST and MOST SUCCESS in networking business nowadays. Just imagine, youth as young as 18 years old can achieve USD 1000 is just ONE DAY! You better enroll NOW, SIGN UP!


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Business Opportunities

We provide you the opportunity to own your own business and be you own boss with our proven systems & strategies.


Revoobit provides BEST products for everyone with PROVEN results & testimonials. 

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Embark on a life-transformation journey and live life to the fullest. Check out our latest events and activities.



Become a part of the world revolution where everyone is responsible for their own health and contributes to the health of their families and communities.


Provides best digital opportunities for all members to run their own business and enable them to improve their financial.

Find out more in this inspiring video of an introduction to our company.


Market Research

2019 is the start year of Revoobit actively conducting observations and research on emotions and public acceptance of existing products in the market

Strategy implementation

2020 is the year of the implementation of Revoobit strategy and modus operandi. Q1 2020 is for each modus operandi that has been planned to be tested on the local market first.

Translucent to foreign markets

Revoobit takes business and overseas markets seriously. Therefore, Q2 of 2020 is the phase of transmission of companies out of the country.

Automatic system

Q3 2020 is essential for the SYSTEM to move AUTOMATICALLY. Using a great marketing strategy, Revoobit will continue to benefit the community