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REVOOBIT SDN BHD a.k.a Revoobit International is SOMETHING NEW! Fresh from ‘OVEN’ to the markets.


We provide you the opportunity to own your own business and be your own boss with our proven systems & strategies.

Revoobit provides BEST products for everyone with PROVEN results & testimonials. Latest technology & modern science approach has become the fundamental value in our products

Embark on a life-transformation journey and live life to the fullest. Check out our latest events and activities.


2022 – Q3
Global Expansion

Main TARGET. Revoobit will expand its market around the globe. FIMRLY, the execution to extablish this brand will LIFT UP the new trend, new momentum & new mindset. To LIVE a BETTER Lifesyle

2021 – Q2

REVISE and RECONSTRUCT our business nature to be ‘STEALTH’ ini any situation despite economics, politics & culture factors. To assist Leaders & Networkers around the world to AT LAST receive what they worth struggling for. GROW BIG!

2020 – Q1
Field Work – Market BLAST

Sistematically implement the NEW NORM techniques into market niche & target. Expanding company’s revenue & networking CIRCLE through out Malaysia & neighboring countries.

2019 – Q3
Start Up – Construction

Our Founder Mr. Burhanuddin has officially started a NEW BUSINESS REVOLUTION – REVOOBIT SDN BHD to emphasize the economic growth in Malaysia yet the GLOBE.

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Revoobit with Dr Charles Magara

Watch this video and be encouraged. It was actioned by Dr Charles Magara, CEO Wealth Map Group, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach and the team. 

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